Negotiation Skills Training

Great negotiators are in high demand everywhere in the world. In the past, people used to believe that great negotiators were born, not made – but nowadays we know that you can become a self-made successful negotiator, no matter what the communicative abilities that you start out with are. That’s what negotiation skills training is for – to help people transform themselves from average communicator to outstanding persuaders.

What Is Negotiation?

There are still many different views about negotiation, and many see it as a power-struggle between parties with opposing interests, kind of like a war without violence.

Negotiation is not a fight about who gets a bigger piece of the pie. Masterful negotiation is about making the pie bigger so that each party gets more than they initially expected. And that is why successful negotiators have fun and enjoy the process. It’s about creating value between two or more parties, even if their interests might seem to contradict each other at first. It’s a way of creative problem solving, rather than a struggle over limited resources.

Negotiation Tips

When it comes to negotiations, information really is power. The person that has more relevant information is often the person that will win the negotiation.

One of the first things you want to do when preparing for a negotiation is to find out what the consequences of not getting an agreement are. This knowledge will give you a powerful advantage over the vast majority of people you enter into negotiation with.

There are a lot of negotiation tactics that you want to familiarize yourself with and become good at. But these tactics are really just the first level of negotiations – these are the classical “negotiation tricks” that people use to haggle over conditions, and they are often why people dislike negotiation – I also like to call them the “used car salesman negotiation methods”. Again, it is important that during a negotiation skills training you master these techniques too, so that you can move on to more advanced methods and will be effective in handling these kinds of methods effectively.

For example, there is the “funny money technique”. Let’s say you buy something, you make the deal, and the sales person then says: “You know what, for just $3 a day more you can get the premium version with unlimited support, that’s a much better deal.” Now, $3 doesn’t sound like much, but if it’s $3 a day for three years, then that’s $3285 extra. Keep these things in mind.

Also, make sure to focus on interests, rather than positions. Positions tend to be opposed and conflicting, but when you look at interests, you will often find that there are many similarities that can be used as agreement points.

Crossculture Negotation

Todays world is more global and connected than ever – but cultures still remain unique in many ways. If you negotiation with people from different cultures, you will be a lot more effective and get better deals done if you can adjust your negotiation style to theirs. So depending upon your specific needs, you should make sure the the negotiation skills training you attend will help you to build the skills you need for your specific situation.

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