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If you are looking for a book on confidence, then you have come to the right place. I have read many books on the subject and can tell you what they’re about.

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway
by Susan Jeffers

This is one of the best books on how to overcome fear – and thus also increase your confidence. It’s an old book, but still one that I recommend over all the others that are out there on the market right now.

When it comes down to it, a lack of confidence is about the fear of making wrong decisions. And this book will help you to completely move on and leave that fear behind. It is an excellent and highly recommended read.

Unstoppable Confidence: How to Use the Power of NLP to Be More Dynamic and Successful
by Kent Sayre

This is also an excellent book because it focuses specifically and exclusively on the topic of confidence. Critics sometimes tend to argue that not all of the ideas in this book present are the author’s own ideas – but he was the first one to collect all these ideas, techniques and methods on confidence in one book in a coherent way that makes sense and that is easy to apply to your own life.

If you are familiar with the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP then you might already have heard about some of these ideas. But if you still have issues with self-confidence, you probably have never really applied the techniques that are shared in this book. A great book for people who want to gain more confidence.

The Confidence Course: Seven Steps to Self-Fulfillment
by Walter Anderson

This book was created from a course on confidence that Anderson taught. I find the book a bit too general – it is surely entertaining, easy to read, but it’s lacking the nuts and bolts how-to step by step instructions. As a motivation pep-talk and feel good book, it’s great. But if you are serious about increasing your self confidence and are willing to work on it, then I suggest you read other books instead.

How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People
by Leslie T. Giblin

This is actually a classic – it’s more than 50 years old now, and it’s still a good book. It focuses not so specifically on self confidence itself, but rather to how it related to people and gives lot of good advice on how to become a good “people person” – which is a useful skill in life anyway.

What’s Holding You Back?: 30 Days to Having the Courage and Confidence to Do What You Want, Meet Whom You Want, and Go Where You Want
by Sam Horn

This is a good book – and by that I mean it is written well, by a professional, good writer. The ideas and techniques that are presented here are a bit shallow though, kind of like the ideas that you find in magazine articles that are packaged for easy readability and they lack a bit of depth. Sure, when you do all the things that the author recommends in this book, you will become more confident – but there are much more effective techniques than the ones you find in this book.

The Confidence Plan: How to Build a Stronger You
by Tim Ursiny

This book is kind of the opposite of the book “What’s Holding You Back?”. It’s very heady, with a lot of terminology. If you love science, this book is probably the most scientific of all the confidence books I’ve reviewed on this page.

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