Being Unmessable

A person is unmessable when they can not be messed with. An unmessable person is confident and has a healthy sense of self-esteem. They are able to hold their position and withstand tough criticism and unfair judgment without being thrown off balance.

Being unmessable with is not about being heartless – in fact, it’s about standing for something with all your heart. A real life example of unmessableness? Nelson Mandela:

No matter where in life you are now, you can become unmessable too. Everybody has a natural, innate unmessableness within them, but we sometimes allow ourselves and others to put it to sleep. It’s time to reawaken your unmessable you.

Maybe you need to improve your self-confidence first. If you do not have a healthy sense of confidence in your own abilities and talents, everything that you do will be only a glimpse of what you could achieve. It’s like driving a car with the breaks on.

Maybe you need to learn to stand up for yourself and be more assertive. If you allow other people to invade your sphere, have a hard time saying no to unreasonable requests, and are uncomfortable expressing your feelings and thoughts and making requests, then it will be difficult to achieve what you want in life.

Maybe you are looking for a negotiation skills training so that you can bring people with conflicting interests together and unite them for a bigger goal.

Maybe you just are looking for some helping with developing leadership skills. Some people think that true leaders are born, not made. But if you study the biographies of great leaders, you will see that the vast majority of them was not born a leader. They were made. All true leaders are self-made leaders. And you can become one too.

One of the most important skills of a true leader is persuasive speaking. It is easy to talk to people. It is easy to give people facts, information, data and to feed their intellect. But persuasive speaking is about moving their hearts and stirring up their emotions so that you can get them involved.

Whatever it is – your journey on the path to unmessableness starts with the first step. Take it today. If you need something along the way, if you have ideas or insights, use the comments function below to share it with other unmessables – and if you have something on your chest that’s of a more private nature, use the contact form to privately get in touch with me.

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